Halloween Night


Somebody watching you over tonight,

In the Halloween night, in the devil’s sight,

When we get lost in the dreary night,

Trick or Treat remains the only choice,

In many ways the evil will rise,

In many costumes the children mimes,

All night long the street were thrive,

Blood moon, dark night and cryptic hype,

Far away in the cave of haunted tribe,

Black hair, dark eyes, a witch reside,

Watching in the mirror for a lonely child,

To hex him away on her broom that night,

The moon just like the watching eye,

That night was cursed in the bleakly cry,

The demon’s adhere towards whom they like,

But people in the dark faith often demise,

But they have many faces to disguise,

With deceitful eyes and evils bribe,

Seldom breath and murmuring noise,

A pawn being move over tremble night,

Many of you who don’t believe and despite,

To those who astray from that baneful midnight,

Will be mark by the devil’s grim full trait,

and grumble in the agony of withering blight.


Last Night on the Ship


Sky and ocean making wonderful night,

Where wind breezes from the sky,

Touch my ears and whisper not to fright,

Just blowing away the ship of knight,

Like a dream become true that night,

Tis me fairy, through the wind just like,

Sparkling stars watching me that night,

Showing ship the way, as they were drive,

Smooth and cold how fishes could survive,

I am looking in the water for a long long time,

I also slept a bit like I have a dizzily eyes,

Something peek from the water, I noticed that time,

Many dolphins follows me, when I spark the light,

Don’t tell anybody, they whisper me in my mind,

As they taking the ship where we sleep alright,

After that night I woke up blind,

I slept in the ship, is that the dream so bright,

I walked through the dock till end of the line,

And saw an island coming towards mine,

I thanks the ship, dolphins and the sky,

After long long time, December again saying goodbye,

I tell the knights to increase the speed so I,

See the land and eat what we desire,

After reaching there, I remembered that time,

As I am so alone and starve to death that night,

But the God, live or die is who decides,

This is the story of that night,

When I fall asleep after many starving nights,

And see all the things like my spirit was alive,

I thank to God for keeping me alive,

And giving me new life after all the hard time, I passed by.


Last Chance



Imagine we meet after a long long time,

And we are talking in the room at 12 midnight,

With the lights are off and no one in home,

And suddenly the phone rings out of the room,

I ask you to come back after the call,

And you promise me, but the person on phone,

give the news that she died last night,

But you have to come back as a promise you made by,

With what, what you do, you come to your room,

If this what you do, tell me the reason you choose.


Yeah, I definitely come to the room,

After listening you died so soon,

But no one in the room when I went back and saw,

And suddenly she appeared from my back and cra,

As I am so scared to saw you but I ask,

How you dead?  What happen? Who you are?

Someone would kill me from the car I don’t found,

While crossing the road and watching upside down,

I lost my mind, I slept till night,

Then I woke up, walk a side and saw my body would lie,

Ambulances were arrived, but no one heard my voice,

Then I know so soon I am dead and deprived,

Now I am here as a ghost after past my life,

Come to aware that you will soon gone and died,

That’s written in the book of the God I don’t lie,

Everybody has to die when the time came by,

Don’t waste your life, don’t waste it blind,

Do the good deeds and wait for sunshine,

Live your life and enjoy moments of time,

Because it will never come back when you passed by.