The Preposterous Mind

I have been following by the shadow of myself all my life, the man which remains hidden between the woods, the words which is coming out of the moose. The unforgettable state of mind acted like he lives many of the lives. The things he seen, the moments passed never be forgotten from the heart. Life is hard, Life is fast but doesn’t matter how fast we go, we can never catch the fraction of time.

Since we all born with some kind of talent or unique speciality which differ us from each other. Some people would be get known of this but many of us remains. I don’t know what would be the talent which defy me in this area but I can say that whatever it is it’s still remains hidden. Since my childhood I am very fond of the stories and attracted towards nature and the stories of life how they turn their direction and changes their pace with the lapse of time but I never got any answer about that, why would we born in this world? As in this world even the love is very hard to find and to make living in is also another story.

Many things we have to do and many things to be believe in even if in spite of knowing we can’t raise questions. It always like suspense of another climax. Many of the things we regret of doing but yet we laugh.