The Impostor Syndrome


So here I am again.. I heard many stories of life, observe many people try to imitate and many to resent, but what is the outcome is trying to perfect ourselves.. many of you think my life is perfect so NO, I am a mess sometime or sometimes I am just craving for cure but its not enough.

Joy is only the part of myself, I usually emulate someone or my own imagination to disguise myself in front of others. Yes I can imitate according to others expectations in my personality to show I am happy, I am doing this for a long time so I can say I am good in this and feel secured not to express my feelings so they cannot judge me, and that’s from what I am scared off.. I think its just because I don’t want to let somebody down and many people watching my steps so it makes me nervous and introvert and sometimes I just ask myself why I was born, whats the purpose of this life he gave me, If GOD is watching me and my misery because I let many peoples down in my life which I don’t want and I am just frustrated from me in many cases so why has he been waiting for something very bad would happen or just already pull me off, this world is not for me and I literally think I should not deserve this, so why all lies wondering in my head. If the universe plan to blemish my life in the end then what good will come from this ??

I am sorry if this is not a happy post but sometimes expressing feelings is the best remedy and this situation happens in many people’s life and they try to take control by some ways/means, but the thing I don’t understand is whats the purpose of all this, Is that the universe trying to examine us, if it is so at what level, is there really any hope, don’t we really have choices or we just already lost the war..!!


6 thoughts on “The Impostor Syndrome

  1. The difficult part of life is learning. See these lessons come with a awesome learning curve. There aren’t classes for this. This is hard core lesson . It comes with bumps, bruises, and even wounds that take time to heal. There even a price for these lessons. Life isn’t suppose to be easy. If it was there would be more successes then failure. It’s not about happy or sad it’s where your heart lies. What you believe in, your faith. It’s not what’s outside yourself. It’s the inside that counts. If your ok inside the rest will fall into place. People are not the measure but which, you are the ruler by which the measure comes from

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  2. Hi sheldon yea life teach us many unbelievable things and sometimes there would be much price to bear.. thank you very much for reading and for sharing your views and sujjestion..!!take care☺


  3. ” If you are still living, its because you have not yet arrived at the place you should be”

    I must say that you are doing a great job through your writing. Its OK to post some ” sad feelings” but don’t let them to overpower you.

    I believe ” you are extremely good” because you have got a power to express yourself !
    Happy Blogging:)

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  4. Hi thanks for stopping by and read.. i really rapture myself last night, these feelings are the reminder to not to stop and move on unless i could reach the sun through dark clouds and you are nice too i read your blog and its really original and populor in this world, i wish every one open their eyes in the midst of busy lives!! Thanks again ☺

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