So what do we do… This is the only question we have in our mind when our life stuck in some situation from where there is inevitable to extract yourself rather it would be your self-issue or the whole situation. so what would I do, when the life gives you hard times and all your hopes and dreams were drained to ashes and there is nothing you can do at that time and it feels like you lost the war which is going on between your dream life and the present life for so long than you remember from when you are just a child and dream for small thing to the world biggest thing but I think life sucks and just sitting alone hoping that if there would be some hope left in this world so that could help to ease your pain from your mind so you no longer need to concentrate on your problems..

I was born on September 7th and after that there’s a lot a lot of babies were born and do you think everybody I mean every baby would get what they want or is there anything goes wrong in our growing back ages so most of us end up with incredible problems or the most we don’t want our lives… Life is always been a question mark for us that what life want from us isn’t we get enough of its crap or it doesn’t care how much burden we could bear…

it’s just a big world but there are also people in which life gives them what they deserve or what they want and they live a happy long lives, and there been a lot of years I waited and dreamed for the life I wanted including everything like a normal person, yea you are thinking I was crazy but I am not it’s just the reality everybody faces but most of us just simply denied or don’t want to except the fact to get hurt less.

9 thoughts on “SO WHAT WOULD I DO

  1. “Life’ s always been a question mark for us”…
    Kierkegaard will nod in agreement with you…
    I can relate with some of your insights and doubts over here…
    Let’s try to reveal the mystery of nonsense as we live on!. (It’s a proposal rather than a suggestion)
    All the best to you ⭐
    Aquileana 😀

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    • I like your proposal infact we couldn’t do anymore sometimes we don’t have a control.. It’s all script I guess!! but we have to make out the best of it.. Thanks for appreciation and Good luck to you too!! 🙂

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