Last Chance



Imagine we meet after a long long time,

And we are talking in the room at 12 midnight,

With the lights are off and no one in home,

And suddenly the phone rings out of the room,

I ask you to come back after the call,

And you promise me, but the person on phone,

give the news that she died last night,

But you have to come back as a promise you made by,

With what, what you do, you come to your room,

If this what you do, tell me the reason you choose.


Yeah, I definitely come to the room,

After listening you died so soon,

But no one in the room when I went back and saw,

And suddenly she appeared from my back and cra,

As I am so scared to saw you but I ask,

How you dead?  What happen? Who you are?

Someone would kill me from the car I don’t found,

While crossing the road and watching upside down,

I lost my mind, I slept till night,

Then I woke up, walk a side and saw my body would lie,

Ambulances were arrived, but no one heard my voice,

Then I know so soon I am dead and deprived,

Now I am here as a ghost after past my life,

Come to aware that you will soon gone and died,

That’s written in the book of the God I don’t lie,

Everybody has to die when the time came by,

Don’t waste your life, don’t waste it blind,

Do the good deeds and wait for sunshine,

Live your life and enjoy moments of time,

Because it will never come back when you passed by.