Who to define and who realize,

Someone watches the whole over night,

When we were done and hopes give away,

There is some angel waiting to rescue away,

They born with us and hidden remain,

But the noise is always murmuring awake,

Some say they make hay and others afraid,

Till the end of the road they with us all the way,

Life is a journey and decisions we make,

Right or wrong both have some story to say,

We learn and we lose always matters what we do,

They want us to fight back and live through the fray,

We hurt so bad and sometime it’s sad,

Or sometimes it never enough to get back,

But hope is the key to put us on track,

And lives our life’s as quick as we can.


11 thoughts on “THE ANGEL

  1. I finally got a chance to stop by and thank you for following my blog. When I saw this title as one of the suggestions under your profile,I had to check it out. Anything to do with Angels catches my attention. I’ve seen one and the experience left me awestruck. Hope to see you visit again soon.


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